Watch With Jen - S2: E20 - Foreign Animation with Rachel Wagner

Published: May 21 2021

An animation lover since childhood with fond memories of belting out songs from the contemporary Disney classic The Little Mermaid, this week I'm joined by the Rotten Tomatoes approved film critic and podcaster Rachel Wagner.

In addition to covering as many films as she can each year on her website Rachel's Reviews, Rachel has a particular love of interviewing others - from actors to directors to composers to animators - anyone with an interesting story to tell. A prolific podcaster in her own right, Rachel is the founder of the very popular Hallmarkies Podcast and her own Rachel's Reviews podcast and YouTube channel which covers all things animated, including a monthly Talking Disney and Obscure Animation show.

A member of the Utah Film Critics Association and the Online Association of Female Film Critics, when she isn't busy with all of that, you can find Rachel on Twitter (@rachel_reviews). Discussing her exciting adventures in podcasting and film coverage, in this fascinating hour-long episode, we take a look at three obscure works of foreign animation, including The Girl Without Hands (2016), Louise by the Shore (2016), and Away (2019). Incredibly knowledgeable on the subject, you might want to listen to Rachel's recommendations with a notebook and pen!

Theme Music: Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, Free Music Archive

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