Watch With Jen - S2: E18 - '90s Duality: "Zero Effect" & "Fight Club" with Noah Gittell

Published: May 04 2021

Washington City Paper film critic Noah Gittell joins me to discuss two cult-favorite Gen X titles from the '90s - our mutual favorite "Zero Effect" and the brilliant "Fight Club" - in this nerdily analytical episode. A reporter at BBC Talk Movies and a guest lecturer at Smithsonian Associates, Noah is also a freelance contributor for a number of outstanding outlets, including The Atlantic, The Ringer, The Guardian, Polygon, and The Economist.

Filled with spoilers about "Zero Effect" and "Fight Club" as well as a few other twisty, unreliable narrator centrist films from the same era, in this in-depth conversation, we dissect not only what makes them great but also pinpoint their place in history then and now.

Theme Music: Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, Free Music Archive

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