Episode 1: Phil's Top 10 List for Mitochondrial Health

We All Know Nothing by Liz and Phil Welch

Episode notes

On Episode 1 of We All Know Nothing, dive into Phil's Top 10 list for mitochondrial health, and hear introductions from our hosts.

1. AM Sunlight / Watching Sunrise 2. Wear Blue Blocking Glasses 3. Get Sunlight on your Skin / No Sunglasses / No Sunscreen 4. Update Home Lighting 5. Drink Great Water 6. Eat Seafood (DHA) 7. Cold Tub / Cold Therapy 8. Reduce EMF Exposure 9. Stop Supplements 10. Eat Seasonally/Local Foods BONUS 11. Ground Barefoot on the Earth 12. Work Out Outside under Sunlight

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