Episode 4: Deuterium Depletion + The Craziness of Water

We All Know Nothing by Liz and Phil Welch

Episode notes

On Episode 4 of We All Know Nothing, we talk about the craziness of water, and deuterium depletion. Water is one of the craziest things that exists in the universe. This podcast starts to explain our thought process behind all the crazy things we do for health. Why we watch every sunrise, why we wear blue blockers, why do everything we can to protect our eyes and skin from artificial light, why we try to eat local for environment, why we try to avoid EMF and why I’m concerned about the coming 5G. We are covering the information that changed our lives 3 years ago and shifted our focus to light.

The cure for all diseases will come down to the very smallest scales in biology, which happens to be hydrogen (smallest atom). If there ever is a magic pill that cures all diseases it will act on hydrogen, specifically it will l ... 

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