The Philadelphia Eagles Are The American Nightmare to The Kansas City Tribal Chiefs

Subject To Change: Another Pro-Wrestling Podcast by Bebop, SlimVylan, & Chad G

Episode notes

We're extremely excited this week, to say the least.


  • Vince intro's the show talking TLOU

  • Pros & cons of waking up @ 5 A.M

  • Expensive Concert Tickets

START 9:00

  • Our Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl

  • Quickly giving our thoughts on NXT Vengeance Day

  • Discussing what we would like to see for storylines to feel fresh

  • Corbin’s new gimmick being scrapped, and how this ties to our discussion last week over the potential of booking adjustments going forward

  • Cody and Paul’s promo to set off the Wrestlemania Main Event

  • AEW: MJF continues to impress, is Jade going to go after the Women's Title?, Get Ricky Starks AWAY from Jericho!

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