Subject To Change: Another Pro-Wrestling PodcastExplicit

by Vince Lacey, Chad Gelfand, Dylan Miller

'Subject to Change' is a free-form, discussion-based podcast with topics surrounding anything and everything within the world of professional wrestling. Join "The Fabulous Three Bro's", Vince Lacey, Chad Gelfand, and Dylan Miller as they break down all of the top news stories and events that occur on weekly programming, including WWE, AEW, (sometimes) iMPACT, and more. *Disclaimer* Although there are points of discussion pla... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E45 - "F*ck You Tony"

    S01 E45 - "F*ck You Tony"Explicit

    A pretty loaded episode this week, as we break down:The results of WWE's new "premium live event" - Day 1.What the decision to put the title on Brock means for Wrestlemania season.The latest group of talent releases, including big...

  • S01 E44 - "Day One"-ISH

    S01 E44 - "Day One"-ISHExplicit

    The S2C squad returns this week after a pre-production mishap led to them losing last week's episode (43). Topics for this week include:Brandi Rhodes 2nd repugnant promo.Toni Storm leaving the WWE.Predictions for WWE Day 1, and AE...

  • S01 E42 - Don't Retweet The Opinions of Sheep

    S01 E42 - Don't Retweet The Opinions of SheepExplicit

    S2c crew has got a few things to talk about this week.Why do internet wrestling fans continue to be an embarrassment to themselves? Our disproval of the excessive criticism of black wrestlers that comes specifically from white men...

  • S01 E41 - Final Battle

    S01 E41 - Final BattleExplicit

    S2C crew is back to the old grind this week, trying our best to recap what matters most without going too far off the rails.Topics include:The unwarranted hatred that black wrestlers receive, in response to Jade Cargill's tweet.Ou...

  • S01 E40 - NXT War Games (2018) Watch Along

    S01 E40 - NXT War Games (2018) Watch AlongExplicit

    Dropping in late this week, we give you a healthy hour of jabbering before we kick back and watch War Games from 2018. Talks include:A few tidbits from RAW: Edge and Miz, Our thoughts and predictions (which came true) on the Becky...