Upright Athlete Podcast

by Sam Ray & Brian Diaz

The Upright Athlete Podcast is co-hosted by physiotherapists, Dr. Sam Ray and Brian Diaz. They are both previous collegiate athletes turned into national ranked triathletes. Blending physiology, biomechanics, scientific analysis, and every day vernacular, they look to expand on their combined 30 years of experience in the physical therapy and sports performance fields. Sam and Brian are showcasing the entire spectrum of injury  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 3: Dominic Latella

    Episode 3: Dominic Latella

    The Upright Athlete Podcast - Episode 3: Dominic Latella, Owner and Head Instructor at SwimBox, joins us to dive into the importance of injury prevention and specialized rehab for all athletes.

  • Episode 2: Eric Hegedus

    Episode 2: Eric Hegedus

    The Upright Athlete Podcast - Episode 2: Eric Hegedus. current Program Director for Tufts University - Phoenix Campus, joins us to dive into the connection between research and clinical application to best rehab our athletes.

  • Episode 1: Julia Ashley

    Episode 1: Julia Ashley

    The Upright Athlete Podcast - Episode 1: Julia Ashley, former UNC soccer stand out and current professional player for the OL Reign out of the state of Washington, joins us to talk about rehab and return to sport during a pandemic.