S03 E01 - [Society of Reason Introduction:] Concepts and Ideas

Unionist Central by Andrew Gould
Society of Reason Introduction to Concepts and Ideas. This episode serves as the opener for the society of reason paper. Where the last entry was a trailer or the series overall this one is written from the perspective of an actual paper. The chapter introduces the concepts of Morality, Society, Reason, and Logic, and explains the differe  ...  See more
Dec 28 2021
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Welcome to The Unionist Central Podcast, this is the introductory, and first, episode for the Society of Reason series. The content of this episode will be explained shortly, but I feel it’s essential to place a disclaimer here before I continue. This episode, as well as the entire series, are made first and foremost as focused episodes of the podcast, placed under the umbrella of Society of Reason. Podcast episodes are written and crafted in a certain way, however that clashes with the secondary purpose of this series. It is meant to act as an audio book of sorts for a larger paper, which I intend to compile using the scripts for these episodes, at the end of this project. An example of this being a source of strife is in how I phrase statements about previous work. Is this being read or

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