S03 - [Society of Reason Trailer:] Concept and Explanation

Unionist Central by Andrew Gould
Society of Reason, Concept and Explanation. Society of Reason is a new series I plan to start working on for this channel. It will be the main series in production for the time being, but it's not replacing the content already produced on the channel. In this video I explain why I decided to start this new series, as well as give some ins  ...  See more
Dec 10 2021
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Welcome to the Unionist Central Podcast! This is a quick synopsis of an idea or rather a framework I am planning to test out when writing the Solo episodes for this podcast. So far, I have released, in addition to the discussion based episodes of the podcast, two special podcast episodes, in which I script and record myself presenting a topic and giving my views on it. It's a format I am quite happy with and although I do intend to continue with discussion based regular episodes, the solo format allows me more structure and gives me time to plan out my points and analogies. That being said, it does take considerably more effort to produce these episodes. I do the graphic design and editing of these podcasts in house and although I feel I'm getting the hang of it, I'm certainly no professio

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