S03 E02 - [Society of Reason Introduction:] Table Of Contents and Acknowledgements

Unionist Central by Andrew Gould
Society of Reason Introduction to Table Of Contents and Acknowledgements. This episode continues the introductory phase of Society of Reason. It offers acknowledgements for philosophers who have influenced the paper's course, and inspired its writing. Additionally the paper lays out a clear roadmap of what is to come for the paper. It div  ...  See more
Jan 25 2022
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This paper seeks to explain what characteristics a society based in reason would have. To do this it’s essential to recognize those who have come before, and who have inspired, as well as influenced, my beliefs. To those familiar with the works of these philosophers there are clear parallels between their beliefs and my own, and it's necessary to understand that we are all products of our environment. I say this because sometimes people can get lost in a narrative, too enthralled in a singular set of beliefs to notice errors. This only serves as a hindrance. When consuming information and formulating one's own opinions, always remember that to agree with something or someone in the majority is not the same as agreeing in totality. All the people who are mentioned here have their own belief

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