S02 E01 - [Special Episode One:] A Unionists Guide to The Government

Unionist Central by Andrew Gould
Special Episode One of the Unionist Central Podcast, Today is a Solo Episode run by Andrew Gould and takes an in depth look at Government, Society, and Social Contract Theory. We will give several definitions of each of these concepts and work through why we have governments and social contracts. At the core of our society and thus any su  ...  See more
Dec 10 2021

Today’s episode is going to be pretty different from the regular content uploaded here. This is a special Podcast episode, so I won’t have a guest with me today, and although there are some improvised sections, this is a primarily scripted video so keep that in mind when comparing it to less or no scripted content. This is a pilot of sorts for the new format I am experimenting with so if it goes well be on the look out for future videos similar to this one. With that out-of-the-way today I want to discuss something that is very relevant to any ideology, that is, what is the government and what’s its role in society. The questions I intend to answer with my own opinion are as follows,

What is a Government?

What is the Government able to do and not do?

And why do we h

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