S02 E02 - [Special Episode Two:] A Unionists Guide to War and Conflict

Unionist Central by Andrew Gould
Special Episode Two of the Unionist Central Podcast, This is another Solo Episode run by Andrew Gould. We are taking a look at War due to the recent US withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. We discuss Nationality and how countries and nations are constructed, and what makes up a nation, such as culture, shared history, and common languag  ...  See more
Dec 10 2021

Due to recent events, that being the US withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, I thought it would be a good time to discuss war and conflict. However before we begin i think it's warranted to explain my somewhat recusal from current events. I find such topics to be very politically heated, people tend to attach their opinion on these events to their personality and dont have the benefit of hindsight to show more apparent evidence. People tend to build a personal connection to certain figures and beliefs and when those entities are questioned people take it as a personal attack. I am of course not impervious to this so i also recuse myself because i don't wish to have my mind clouded by personal attachments to the ideas and people in question, The concept of an Open MarketPlace of Ideas in

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