S01 E03 - [Episode Three:] Taking The 8Values Test Part One

Unionist Central by Andrew Gould
Episode Three of the Unionist Central Podcast. This three part episode is similar in nature to the trilogy of episodes that were taking the political compass test. However, these episodes are on par in audio quality with the expected content of the channel. In the video, I fill out the 8values Test which is supposed to determine one's pol  ...  See more
Jul 03 2022
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Exploring The Unionist Ideology with 8Values00:00:00 - 00:18:17

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Welcome back to the unionist central podcast. It's been a while I've been at work completing and working on other creative and academic projects, but with those wrapped up, I'm ready to return. There are quite a few concepts in the lineup in various stages of completion that I intend to put out on the channel, but in the interim, due to the long gap, since the last episode, I felt it would be ideal to release some content.

Similar to the releasing of the political compass trilogy, where I was in between projects. This will serve as a way for me to more easily release content without the lengthy writing and editing process.

Therefore, this episode is unscripted and less edit. Allowing for ease of production and a closer examination of my own beliefs. And finally, this ep

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