Strategy & Purpose with Counselor Garibay

UndocuChisme by UndocuChingona & UndocuTherapist

Episode notes

In this episode, we talk about the CCC journey, motherhood, and purpose with Thalia Garibay. She is currently a College Counselor at two community colleges where she assists students in navigating the college system, and helping them reach their academic, personal, and career goals. In addition, she is a professor and teaches a student development course providing skills to high school students to become acclimated to the college system for a successful transition. Lastly, she is a Career Mentor and WIOA Program Coordinator for Career Institute, where she helps individuals in the community find their passion, and navigate their career options for personal growth and future opportunities. She also creates partnership in the community with entities to provide seamless career pathways for students. Her goal is to educate students, provide students w ... 

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