by UndocuChingona & UndocuTherapist

Two sisters: One Podcast Join us as we archive the stories of (un)documented people while decolonizing chisme!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Strategy & Purpose with Counselor Garibay

    Strategy & Purpose with Counselor Garibay

    In this episode, we talk about the CCC journey, motherhood, and purpose with Thalia Garibay. She is currently a College Counselor at two community colleges where she assists students in navigating the college system, and helping them reach their academic, personal, and career goals. In addition, she is a professor and teaches a student development course providing skills to high school students to become acclimated to the college system for a successful transition. Lastly, she is a Career Mentor and WIOA Program Coordinator for Career Institute, where she helps individuals in the community find their passion, and navigate their career options for personal growth and future opportunities. She also creates partnership in the community with entities to provide seamless career pathways for students. Her goal is to educate students, provide students with endless support and resources, and instill leadership in students. You can find Thalia here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tgaribay

  • Life Happens

    Life Happens

    Hello UndocuChismoses! We took a break, but we are back! Join us as we share with you all why we took a break. Trigger warning as this episode touches on survivor story.

  • Purpose with UndocuCEO

    Purpose with UndocuCEO

    Join us for a chisme hour with UndocuCEO! Yesica Catalán (she/her/ella) also known as UndocuCEO is a Mexican, black, and indigenous immigrant who despite her undocumented status is the owner and partner of multiple successful companies in the US and México. She is a self taught graphic artist, investor and entrepreneur who has dedicated her journey, story and success to her community. She is an advocate for social justice and mentor to immigrants looking to open or expand their small business. On this episode we share space with Yesica and talk about purpose, self-love/care and healing.

  • VAWA: Maria's Pathway to Citizenship

    VAWA: Maria's Pathway to Citizenship

    Content Warning: mentions story of domestic abuse Join us for a chisme hour as Maria shares with us her survivor story and how she found the appropriate tools to apply for VAWA. In this episode, we mention Immigration Attorney Karina Gutierrez & We Grow Summit. P.S. Maria was unable to purchase tickets, but hopefully next year! (Unless they have an extra ticket they'd like to gift her ;) )

  • Chronicles of an immigrant child con Juana

    Chronicles of an immigrant child con Juana

    Join us as we unpack some of the chronicles Juana had to face coming into this country. Juana (she/ella) is the CEO of J’s Bakes & Makes. J’s Bakes & Makes was founded in 2020. Juana is a Latinx Undocumented woman. She was born in Guanajuato Mexico and was brought to the United States at the age of seven years old. As an undocumented woman, she has defeated the odd and holds a BA in business administration with an emphasis in marketing, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis in entrepreneurship from California State University, San Bernardino. Magna Cum Laude degree awardee. She was a wardee of the NAWBO Inland Empire (National Association of Women Business Owners) Next Gen in 2020. Juana wants to motivate students to continue with their education and to make a difference in the community. She is a firm believer in paving the way for the ones that will come behind her and paying it forward.