Episode 26 - Gini Dietrich, Queen of Spin

Uncharted Journey by Cathy McKnight

Episode notes

Gini Dietrich is the queen of spin … from founding a thriving PR agency, writing and hosting her Spin Sucks book and podcast, or when she is on her Peloton, which she's on … a lot, she knows what she wants and goes for it. Her marketing and PR street cred are well earned as the creator of the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) marketing segmenting model and certification program, which millions of global marketers leverage to meet their company goals.

Early on, she set her sights on climbing the corporate ladder in a big law firm. But her first taste of marketing changed all that. And change is something she has learned to roll with. Whether that comes from being the eldest of six or moving out on her own when she was still young, her confidence and can-do attitude serve her well. She's leaned into that positivity and grit throughout her c ... 

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