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by AP&M Group

Indulge in the glitz, glamour, and juicy secrets of the entertainment world with 'Tinseltown Tea Time'. Join us as we dish out the hottest celebrity gossip, from A-list stars to Hollywood's rising talents. Our hosts will serve up the latest headlines, behind-the-scenes stories, and scandalous tidbits that keep you in the loop of showbiz. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just curious about the lives of the rich and famous, gr ... 

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  • Star-Studded Beginnings


    Star-Studded Beginnings


    Welcome to the sparkling debut of 'Tinseltown Tea Time', where the dazzling Zoey Valentine, your guide to all things glamorous, is ready to spill the tea on 2023's biggest celebrity moments. In this introductory episode, Zoey, embracing both 'she' and 'they' pronouns, invites you into the world of Hollywood's elite. Kick off with 'Baby Boom', a heartwarming segment celebrating the year's celebrity pregnancies, a true testament to the joys of stardom. Transitioning from cradles to couples, Zoey delves into the year's most talked-about relationships, marriages, breakups, and divorces, offering an insider's look at the romantic rollercoaster of Tinseltown's finest. The episode reaches a crescendo as Zoey presents a roundup of the year's top celebrity gossip and news, ensuring you're well-versed in every scandal, success, and surprise that kept the entertainment world buzzing. Grab your cup of tea and get ready for a journey through the glittering highs and dramatic lows of celebrity life, all brought to you by the charismatic Zoey Valentine. Learn More About the Show: https://algidproductions.com/tinseltown Fuel Our Creativity: https://algidproductions.com/fuel-our-creativity