Episode #28: Kotaro Aoki - Expanded Liberal Arts At Kotowari School, Aizu, Japan

MICROCOLLEGE: The Thoreau College Podcast by Thoreau College

Episode notes

Kotaro Aoki describes his journey to merge the western liberal arts tradition with eastern contemplative and philosophical practices at his school Kotowari in Aizu Prefecture, Japan.

般社団法人 'KOTOWARI' "that which remains unchanging underneath the surface of change"

Kotaro Aoki is the founder and director of KOTOWARI, an educational organization based in Japan. He has years of experience in designing and managing academic courses and educational programs. He has been inspired by his undergraduate studies of Philosophy at Wesleyan University as well as his 3 years studying yoga and meditation in the Himalayas to bring unique and powerful methods of exploring the self and the world to today’s Japanese youth. KOTOWARI provides transformative educational experiences for high school, university and graduate students as well as young professi ... 

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