Episode 25: Beyond Comprehension

This One's For The Working Mama by Katie Alexander

Episode notes

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Where did it come from and where is it headed next? How do we cure it and stop the spread? How can we know more?

And pretty soon we are found a chaotic, anxious mess of humanity in search of what lies beyond our comprehension. We buyout surgical masks on Amazon and then shy away from those wearing them as if they are carrying the plague rather than trying to prevent it. We turn to our government… our president… to answer a health crisis when He is likely the least qualified person to discuss public health and an epidemic. We place too much hope and security in truths that the world can offer us… quick answers, vaccines, cures, evidence.

The gift that is wrapped up in Proverbs 25 is the reminder that some things are for God to know and us to trust Him.

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