The Well Interior

by Elizabeth Siematkowski

A podcast devoted to helping individuals create beauty within to live in the beauty around. Join host, licensed mental health clinician Elizabeth Siematkowski in exploring ways we can create more peace and comfort in our being and experience a more joyful life.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Creating Connection ~ Launch Episode

    Creating Connection ~ Launch Episode

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic our emotionally immunity is just as much a priority as our physical immunity. During this time of increased cultural and individual uncertainty we are all are at risk for increased anxiety. Tune in for thoughts on coping and things to try during this pandemic to cherish our inner landscapes and continue to feel connected and well.

  • "No is a Love Word" ~ Interview with Grammy Winner, Pierce Freelon

    "No is a Love Word" ~ Interview with Grammy Winner, Pierce Freelon

    Host Elizabeth Siematkowski interviews special guest Pierce Freelon about his new Grammy award winning children's hip hop album, D.A.D. a work dedicated to empowering today's youth to take care of themselves and each other and consent to a better world both within and around. Pierce shares more about his own self-care journey in creating the album while grieving the loss of his father the late, Phil Freelon, lead architect of the African American Smithsonian and shares words of wisdom from his late grandmother including why, "NO, is a love word."

  • Good, Bad and "The Knockout Queen"

    Good, Bad and "The Knockout Queen"

    Host Elizabeth Siematkowski talks with Rufi Thorpe about her affecting coming-of-age novel, The Knockout Queen - a masterful portrait of the human condition. Tune in to hear Rufi Thorpe go deeper into her character’s schema and consider the question of are we bad or good? Do we have to make that decision? Join host Elizabeth Siematkowski and Rufi Thorpe for discussions about the book’s themes of acceptance and morality and reflections on the courage to be human.