Beyond Loss: Suzanne Jabour on Living , Learning and Grieving

The Teaching Journeys Podcast by Dave Roberts

Episode notes

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, Dave Roberts sits down with Suzanne Jabour, a grieving mother turned grief educator, transformational coach, and workshop leader. Suzanne shares her journey of finding meaning and purpose after the tragic loss of her son Ben in September 2020. Through her personal insight and professional expertise, Suzanne discusses the complexities of grief, the importance of facing and integrating grief into our lives, and how to support those who are grieving. Furthermore, she emphasizes the significance of curiosity and self-care in navigating one's grief journey. Suzanne also delves into the profound impact that grief has in the workplace and offers solutions for organizations to better support grieving employees, ultimately arguing for a systemic cultural shift in how society handles grief.

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