The Teaching Journeys Podcast

by Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts ,MSW, LMSW is an adjunct professor of psychology child life at Utica University, an author and a bereavement support specialist. He created The Teaching Journeys Podcast with one thing in mind: To have meaningful conversations with individuals , young and old, whose life journeys/challenges, can teach us something about addressing our own. It is Dave's hope that the teachings from these conversations live on in  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • The Soul's Palette: Noemi Beres on the Art of Mindful Creation

    The Soul's Palette: Noemi Beres on the Art of Mindful Creation

    In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts interviews Noemi Beres, a collage artist with a deep connection to art therapy and positive psychology. Noemi shares her journey, from her linguistic studies and life in Hungary to finding spiritual and creative renewal through art in Cyprus. Her collage work, characterized by an eclectic mix of vintage materials hand-sewn on various mediums, is a testament to the therapeutic benefits of creativity in coping with life’s challenges, including grief and loss. Noemi also discusses the role of music, nature, and cultural experiences in her artwork, as well as her commitment to environmental sustainability. The conversation delves into how Noemi's artistic process and business, Podcast Connections, are informed by mindfulness, active listening, and a desire to help others express themselves through art. Noemi's Bio and Contact Information Noemi is an artist who specializes in creating hand-sewn collages on various mediums, including canvas, paper, and digital formats. Her educational background in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology deeply influences her work, imbuing it with a therapeutic and uplifting essence. Noemi's artistry is characterized by her ability to transform everyday materials into extraordinary pieces of art, making her a perfect match for platforms focused on creativity and spiritual awakening. Her work, primarily consisting of eclectic mixed-media collages made from vintage materials, embodies the theme of rediscovering creativity and experiencing spiritual renewal. Through a unique amalgamation of storytelling, humor, and a profound connection to memories and the natural world, Noemi offers fresh insights into the nexus of art and spirituality. Having resided in Cyprus, Europe, for over a decade, her multicultural experiences infuse her creations with a distinctive richness and diversity, enhancing the appeal of her art to a broad audience. She always loves music and playing on her handpan, tongue, and frame drum; also a walker who walks every single day. Contact Information Website: Social links : The Teaching Journeys Podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platforms. To find out more about Dave, go to and

  • Warrior of Life: Deb Krier on Living Beyond Cancer

    Warrior of Life: Deb Krier on Living Beyond Cancer

    In this episode of the Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts talks with guest Deb Krier, an entrepreneur, cancer advocate, and founder of Trying Not to Die Live. Deb shares her personal journey, from her early career in communications to her battles with stage 4 triple breast cancer in 2015 and thyroid cancer in 2023. She discusses the founding of Try Not To Die Live in 2022, aimed at empowering those navigating cancer, supporting their loved ones, and educating medical providers on treating patients as individuals beyond their diagnosis. Discover resilience and empowerment through Deb's inspiring journey . Deb's Bio and Contact Information Deb Krier is a coalition builder and warrior who is rewriting the playbook on how to LIVE with cancer. She has seen what happens when cancer has people and is on a mission to ensure that we are no longer “fine” with cancer by energizing our voices and expanding our choices. Diagnosed in 2015 with Stage 4 Triple Positive Breast Cancer, she’s experienced the disconnection and despair of a system where cancer is the star of the show while people with the cancer are watching silently from the sidelines. Now, she is using her experience and expertise to kill cancer with honesty, communication, and collaboration. She is also on a mission to work with physicians and care providers to show them how critical it is for them to be a member of each warrior’s tribe of supporters. Not as the leaders, but as a trusted member, understanding all of their patients and what they truly need. The Teaching Journeys Podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platforms To find out more about Dave, go to and

  • Discovering Gratitude and Healing With Portia Booker

    Discovering Gratitude and Healing With Portia Booker

    In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, Dave Roberts has a far reaching discussion with Portia Booker( also known as Portia the Producer) about her transformative journey through grief, showcasing the power of gratitude and redefining societal perceptions. Portia's experiences highlight finding purpose in pain, coping mechanisms, and the importance of aligning grief with personal growth. She talks about embracing gratitude, cherishing moments, and navigating losses, urging individuals to find strength in vulnerability and connection. Portia's Bio and Contact Information: Portia Booker, often hailed as Portia the Producer, is a celebrated TV host, visionary producer, and a resolute grief awareness advocate. After enduring the profound loss of both parents within a heart wrenching nine month spam, Portia uncovered hidden treasures in her pain, with gratitude shining brightest. Now she's leading the charge to redefine societal views on grief through her transformative TV show, The Grief Grantor. airing Sundays on E 360 TV reaching an impressive 800,000 homes. This isn't her maiden voyage into broadcasting. A pivotal internship with PBS NewsHour during the Republican National Convention allowed her to work alongside journalism greats Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill. Her early professional strides included producing gripping news segments for NBC, further showcasing her versatility. Portia penned her deeply personal audio book, Finding Grace Within Grief. Away from the spotlight, Portia rejuvenates by watersides. Gets lost in captivating podcasts or audiobooks, explores new horizons on road trips, and cherishes every moment with her steadfast, furry companion, Mr. Fletcher Blaze. With a compassionate heart and an unyielding spirit, Portia continues to inspire, connect, and heal through the power of her voice and experiences. Contact Information Instagram at Portia, The Grief Grantor. YouTube at Portia, The Grief Grantor. Facebook and LinkedIn at Portia Booker, Grief Grantor TV show on Facebook, E360TV. Com and YouTube The Teaching Journeys Podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platforms. To find out more about Dave, go to and

  • Empowering Change: The Finch Model and Veteran Transformations

    Empowering Change: The Finch Model and Veteran Transformations

    In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts engages in a profound conversation with Ed Finch, co-founder, exponential coach, and vice president of Hundo, also known for creating the Finch Model. Focusing on simplifying complex issues for clients and businesses, Finch shares his journey of making a significant societal impact, particularly through a partnership aimed at helping U.S. veterans navigate and access their benefits. The discussion delves into the philosophy behind the Finch Model, emphasizing the power of listening, the value of simplicity in complexity, and the importance of aligning personal and organizational values for success. With a heartfelt narrative, Finch explains how personal connections and understanding one's self can lead to meaningful work and the potential to change lives, especially among veterans struggling with transition and disability. Ed Finch's Bio and Contact Information The Finch Model tackles subjects that are causing confusion and re-presents in easy-to-understand formats. Ed Finch and his team specialise in helping clients become fully aligned with their business – which has multiple benefits beyond just personal Ed's coaching courses and other delivery methods cut through the seemingly complex subjects, to achieve easy solutions. The Finch Model truly delivers “Order out of Confusion.” Ed's primary focus has been individual entrepreneurs, but have increasingly dedicated more time to a flagship project for USA veterans, but their work in supporting entrepreneurs continues. CONTACT: The Teaching Journeys Podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platforms. To find out more about Dave, please go to and

  • Beyond Loss: Suzanne Jabour on Living , Learning and Grieving

    Beyond Loss: Suzanne Jabour on Living , Learning and Grieving

    In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, Dave Roberts sits down with Suzanne Jabour, a grieving mother turned grief educator, transformational coach, and workshop leader. Suzanne shares her journey of finding meaning and purpose after the tragic loss of her son Ben in September 2020. Through her personal insight and professional expertise, Suzanne discusses the complexities of grief, the importance of facing and integrating grief into our lives, and how to support those who are grieving. Furthermore, she emphasizes the significance of curiosity and self-care in navigating one's grief journey. Suzanne also delves into the profound impact that grief has in the workplace and offers solutions for organizations to better support grieving employees, ultimately arguing for a systemic cultural shift in how society handles grief. Suzanne's Bio and Contact Information Suzanne is a grieving mom who has found meaning in her loss through providing grief education – sharing how grief really works and how we can support people experiencing it. She works with organizations and businesses to build the skills and protocols to better support people who are grieving at work. She is available as a speaker to share her story and help normalize grief as a healthy response to losses big and small. She has a BA and BEd and decades of experience as a trainer. She is a certified Grief Educator, Transformational Coach and Workshop Leader. Website: LInkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: The Teaching Journeys Podcast is available on your favorite podcast platforms. To find out more about Dave, go to and