The Teaching Journeys Podcast

by Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts ,MSW, LMSW is an adjunct professor of psychology child life at Utica University, an author and a bereavement support specialist. He created The Teaching Journeys Podcast with one thing in mind: To have meaningful conversations with individuals , young and old, whose life journeys/challenges, can teach us something about addressing our own. It is Dave's hope that the teachings from these conversations live on in  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • The Power of Storytelling in the Corporate World

    The Power of Storytelling in the Corporate World

    Join Dave Roberts on another insightful episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast featuring guest Michael Davis, founder of Speaking CPR, LLC. They discuss the importance of storytelling in leadership and learning, the unique skill of passing knowledge from one generation to the next and how stories create emotional connections. The conversation delves into Michael's personal journey, going from a hesitant speaker to becoming a seasoned professional, and the lessons he's learned that he now shares with others Michael's Bio and Contact Information Michael is the founder of Speaking CPR, LLC. He helps professionals attract more clients, create efficient teams, and increase their influence through improved speaking skills. Michael has worked with business leaders, sales professionals, and speakers on five continents. He's helped TEDx speakers create and develop talks that have achieved over 5 million views. He's written seven books about business storytelling, including the Book on Storytelling, and online courses focused on improving your presentation skills. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his longtime partner Linda and the overlords of their house, Chihuahuas Sky and Riley. He loves exercise, IndyCar racing, watching movies, visiting beaches, and consuming stories in every format. Website Email The Teaching Journeys Podcast is available on your favorite podcast platforms. To find ourt more about dave, go to and    

  • Learning Through Loss: A Heartfelt Conversation With A Former Student

    Learning Through Loss: A Heartfelt Conversation With A Former Student

    Join Dave Roberts, host of the Teaching Journeys Podcast, as he welcomes back Kali Regan, a mental health advocate, neurofeedback therapist, and one of his former students. Kali shares her life journey, her passion for alternative medicine and mental health advocacy, and how living in Raleigh, North Carolina, has shaped her career and personal outlook. Kali and Dave engage in a deep conversation about dealing with personal losses, embracing the grieving process, remembering loved ones, and finding strength in adversity. They also explore the evolution of their perspectives on life and the crucial role of love and compassion in navigating through life's challenges.  Kali's Bio and Contact Information: Kali is a Utica University, formerly Utica College alumni with her Bachelors in Psychology, living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her passion for mental health advocacy along with neuroscience drove her to a career in alternative medicine, specifically neurofeedback therapy. As the executive director of MyBrain DR, Kali empowers others in recovery to think beyond the traditional expectations of mental health care. She is nothing without her other half, rescue pup London, and her love for spending time traveling to visit family and friends all over. The Teaching Journeys Podcast is available on your favorite podcast platforms. To find ourt more about Dave, please go to and

  • Embracing Taboos: A Delve Into Sexuality and Trauma


    Embracing Taboos: A Delve Into Sexuality and Trauma


    In this episode of the Teaching Journeys podcast, host Dave Roberts sits down with Chloe de Sousa, a certified love, sex and relationship coach of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Chloe discusses her unique, trauma-informed approach, which is supported by both modern science and ancient tantric wisdom. They explore taboo topics like sex and death, highlighting the importance of self-exploration and prioritizing one's personal journey. Chloe explains how she employs body-based and tantric practices with her clients to facilitate self-transformation. She advocates for changing the societal narrative around sexuality, highlighting its importance in leading a fulfilling life. Chloe's Bio:. Chloe is a Love, Sexuality and Relationship coach. She has over 20 years of experience in intimate and therapeutic space holding for people 1-1 and in groups. . She helps her clients fully embody their desires in the realm of Love Sex and Relationships. As a certified Love, Sex and Relationship coach of The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I offer a trauma-informed approach backed by both modern science and ancient tantric wisdom. Her unique approach uses neurological science, tantric practice, ecstatic dance and proven methods to heal and awaken an ever-increasing desire for yourself, your relationships and your life.  She works to dismantle the body stories, histories, upbringing, religious influences, and current culture that are keeping you from unapologetic ownership of yourself, your body and your innate self leadership Chloe's work with individuals combines holistic practices such as mind/body mapping, breath work, meditation and energy work, such as sounding and ecstatic dance to bring the “wild” back to the bedroom and their lives. To find out more about Chloe go to The Teaching Journeys Podcast is available on your favorite podcast platforms. To find out more about Dave, go to: and    

  • Empowerment, Healing and Transformation With Kathy Baldwin

    Empowerment, Healing and Transformation With Kathy Baldwin

    In this episode of the Teaching Journeys Podcast Dave Roberts speaks  with Kathy Baldwin, a neuroscience enthusiast, founder of Rise Up Coaching, and author of Unlearn The Crap. The conversation covers Kathy's transformative personal journey dealing with physical and mental health issues, the importance of understanding body signals, strategies for personal empowerment, and the pivotal role of narratives in shaping our lives. Additionally, Kathy's book, its objectives, and how it guides individuals towards self-discovery and empowerment for a fulfilling life are also discussed.  Kathy's Bio and Contact Information After hitting rock bottom, Kathy Baldwin embarked on a self-guided healing journey. Using innovative methodologies from her studies in neuroscience, biology, quantum physics, and energy healing, Kathy transformed her life. Inspired by her breakthrough, she dedicated herself to empowering others to unlock their potential and create lasting change. She founded RiseUP Coaching and wrote 'Unlearn the Crap', offering a range of coaching programs and weekly live sessions. She continues to guide others through their pivotal crossroads, committed to her mission of personal transformation. unlearnthecrap. com. The book Unlearn The Crap is available on Amazon

  • Somatic Therapy and Healing

    Somatic Therapy and Healing

    In this episode of the Teaching Journeys Podcast, hosted by Dave Roberts. Michelle Ann Collins, founder of Inhabit Joy, returns for an encore appearance. Michelle shares her personal journey of overcoming trauma through the use of somatic therapy techniques, grounded in mindfulness and sensory awareness. She shares practical approaches to staying grounded, such as connecting with nature, practicing mindful breathing, and tactile grounding exercises. Michelle also emphasizes the importance of grieving as a path to resilience and recovery. She offers valuable insights on how to respond thoughtfully to triggers, reducing the intensity of traumatic activations over time Michelle's Bio Michelle Ann Collins partners with individuals who have suffered grief, injury, or other types of loss as they recover, reclaim their wholeness, and build resilience for life’s inevitable challenges. After a series of losses, including the death of her mother, her husband’s suicide, and estrangements from primary family members, Michelle combined the tools she had collected as a yoga therapist and wellness coach and studies in positive psychology, neuroscience, meditation and mindfulness, and spirituality to turn post-traumatic stress disorder into post-traumatic growth and resilience. With the addition of certifications in grief education and grief yoga, and several bestselling books in which she shares her story, Michelle helps others transform from barely surviving to joyful thriving. Michelle teaches and coaches in private, corporate and small group settings, and enjoys sharing her skills and experience through speaking and facilitating workshops and retreats. Deeply connected with the healing powers of nature, Michelle spends her leisure time hiking among the trees or paddling on the rivers near her home in Portland, Oregon. You can find out more about Michelle by going to and on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. To find out more about Dave , please go to and The Teaching Journeys Podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platforms.