Beyond Survival: Tony Lynch's Mission to Transform Grief

The Teaching Journeys Podcast by Dave Roberts

Episode notes

In a powerful episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast with host Dave Roberts, Tony Lynch, the founder of Memories of Us LTD and the Global Grief Network, shares his compelling journey from a tumultuous life of grief, gang violence, and personal despair to finding healing and purpose. Overcoming early life adversities including abuse and near-death experiences, Tony faced profound loss with the deaths of his son, mother, and brother, propelling him into a significant period of suffering. A crucial turning point arrived during a contemplative moment in the desert, where he decided against ending his life, choosing instead to embrace a pathway towards recovery..

Tony's Bio And Contact Information

Tony Lynch is the founder of the non profit Memories of Us LTD, Grief Support for Men, the Global Grief Network. And host of  ... 

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