Empowerment, Healing and Transformation With Kathy Baldwin

The Teaching Journeys Podcast by Dave Roberts

Episode notes

In this episode of the Teaching Journeys Podcast Dave Roberts speaks  with Kathy Baldwin, a neuroscience enthusiast, founder of Rise Up Coaching, and author of Unlearn The Crap. The conversation covers Kathy's transformative personal journey dealing with physical and mental health issues, the importance of understanding body signals, strategies for personal empowerment, and the pivotal role of narratives in shaping our lives. Additionally, Kathy's book, its objectives, and how it guides individuals towards self-discovery and empowerment for a fulfilling life are also discussed.

 Kathy's Bio and Contact Information

After hitting rock bottom, Kathy Baldwin embarked on a self-guided healing journey. Using innovative methodologies from her studies in neuroscience, biology, quantum physics, and energy healing, Ka ... 

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