The Flight of the Peregrine: New Verbiage for the Bereaved Parent

The Teaching Journeys Podcast by Dave Roberts

Episode notes

In the Season 1 ending episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, Dave has an intriguing conversation with Henry- Cameron Allen about how a peregrine falcon dream was the catalyst for Henry's quest to develop unique language conceptualizing the journey of a bereaved parent.. That conversation led to further discussion about what we believe are other tools and resources that sometimes get overlooked but are needed to move through grief, not only for parents, but anyone who has experienced catastrophic loss.

Henry's Bio:

Henry-Cameron Allen was steeped in world culture from an early age. Growing up in Europe and Latin America has had a profound impact on his work as an artist, educator, mentor, and parent. Surviving cancer, overcoming obesity, single parenting, and then outliving his beloved 13-year-old son to brain canc ... 

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