From the Street Corner to the Corner Office with Marquel Russell

The Smartest Podcast by John "ColderICE" Lawson

Episode notes

Sometimes the light hits just right, and you capture the moment. Marquel Russel is a shining example of this phenomena. He’s an example of determination, grit and belief in oneself to rise from the street corners to the "corner office."

Growing up on the west side of Atlanta, Marquel wasn’t blessed with many opportunities for success. His early life was filled with 'opportunity' to not be his best. But Marquel was determined to be different.

This was originally recorded in 2020, but Marquel’s wisdom is timeless. He exemplifies what it means to take the tough road and make something out of nothing. His ambition, drive and resourcefulness led him from the street corner to success. He has become a beacon of light for so many, showing that with hard work and determination, everything is possible.