Quick, Cheap, but GoodExplicit

Published: Jan 07 2021

This week, Felicia Rose and ALove are joined by the multi-multi-hyphenate, multi-gender Phil McLeod a.k.a. Shirley U. Jest. McLeod regails our hosts with their history of drag performance, domination and clothing-optional handyperson gigs. They’re a busy and multifaceted entertainer with stories aplenty for your earholes. After you fall in love with McLeod, make sure to follow them on Instagram @thinkoutleod, on Twitter @Phil_Phixit where you can find their Onlyfans persona Phil Lynwood and on Youtube at their joint channel for Philip McLeod / Shirley U. Jest.

This episode is sponsored by Cookies for Breakfast, a podcast by comedian Spark Tabor that explores the pursuit of pleasure. You can support Spark how he supports the Screw at his Patreon.