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by With Felicia Rose and ALove

A weekly, sex-positive, queer-loving, wrestling-watching, blunt smoking podcast. 
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  • Secret Shame Codes

    Secret Shame CodesExplicit

    Leon is back in the mix with Felicia Rose and ALove again, and they discuss sexual positions. Do they matter that much for pleasure? The team solves the riddle and determines: not really. And they explain what really counts.

    Apr 01 2021
    Apr 01 2021
  • Which Holes Survive When The Robots Take Over

    Which Holes Survive When The Robots Take OverExplicit

    Felicia Rose and ALove, along with regular special guest Leon, tackle the politics of pleasure. If sex addiction is real, what causes some people to develop such a harmful relationship with sex. If smoking weed is cool and fun, wh...

    Mar 25 2021
    Mar 25 2021
  • Marvin the Martian vs Cardi B

    Marvin the Martian vs Cardi BExplicit

    It’s a very thirsty Thursday at the Screw. Felicia Rose and ALove take some sips and discuss the intersectional nature of our struggles and the importance of taking care of each other across identity lines, HBO’s voguing competiti...

    Mar 19 2021
    Mar 19 2021
  • The Softest, Driest Screw Yet

    The Softest, Driest Screw YetExplicit

    Please enjoy a low-key, old-school Screw. Felicia Rose and ALove start slow with a discussion of the first porn that ever disgusted them and they spice it up from there. They chat about sexual awakenings, hate-fucking republicans ...

    Mar 11 2021
    Mar 11 2021
  • Saferish Sex

    Saferish SexExplicit

    Felicia, ALove and Leon discourse about what safer sex means for sex positive people. There’s a new birth control gel on the market that acidifies the vagina and destroys any sperms that dare enter. Your hosts distill the pros and...

    Mar 04 2021
    Mar 04 2021