Episode 4 - What's up Canada?

The PRN Pod by Steven Cho

Episode notes

Ever thought of venturing across the world to practice pharmacy 💊 in the land filled with maple syrup 🇨🇦? Join Anthony, a pharmacy manager in Canada and @keeleuniversity graduate, and I in this episode of The PRN Pod as we talk about pharmacy practice there, how to become a registered pharmacist in Canada with a UK MPharm degree and our shared appreciation and admiration for @JLin 🏀!!

(T’was only a matter of time before basketball made it to this pharmacy pod 😂 )

2:58 Anthony’s introduction

7:18 Why Anthony wanted to work in 🇨🇦

10:03 Differences in pharmacy practice between 🍁 and ☕️

14:00 How a UK pharmacy degree helped Anthony get to be a pharmacy manager

15:55 How do you qualify as a registered pharmacist in Canada?

22:48 Was there an intervention that you made that made you think “Wow I really  ... 

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