The PRN Pod

by Steven Cho

Join Steven, a pharmacist in the UK, as he interviews pharmacists and other medical professionals with inspiring stories across the country. Tune in anytime, anywhere, when required.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 5 - Exam!!!


    Episode 5 - Exam!!!


    We’re back! This episode is split into two parts. In part one, I'm going to share some last-minute exam hints and tips for the pre-regs taking the exam in the next two weeks. Part two is aimed at newly graduated pharmacy students who are going to start their pre-reg year in the next month or two, as I discuss how I planned my pre-reg year and the resources I used for my revision! Best of luck everyone, and I wish to see all of your names on the register in the near future! Part 1: 02:33 - What did I find the most difficult in the exam and how did I overcome them? 04:00 - Questions that you didn’t expect / never even expected 04:46 - 50/50s 05:47 - Long questions? 06:30 - I’ve skipped so many questions and am panicking right now what do I do? 07:37 - What did I do to prepare a day or two before the exam and what did you do on the day? 09:54 - What happens on the day? 11:57 - How do I tackle a 40 question maths paper? Part 2: 14:37 - Tips on what to focus on when revising and other hints and tips 21:28 - What resources did I find useful in helping with my revision? #Pharmacist #Pharmacy #Pre-reg #Exam #Community #Healthcare #Patient #GeneralPractice #Hospital #Industry #Degree #Qualified

  • Episode 4 - What's up Canada?

    Episode 4 - What's up Canada?

    Ever thought of venturing across the world to practice pharmacy 💊 in the land filled with maple syrup 🇨🇦? Join Anthony, a pharmacy manager in Canada and @keeleuniversity graduate, and I in this episode of The PRN Pod as we talk about pharmacy practice there, how to become a registered pharmacist in Canada with a UK MPharm degree and our shared appreciation and admiration for @JLin 🏀!! (T’was only a matter of time before basketball made it to this pharmacy pod 😂 ) 2:58 Anthony’s introduction 7:18 Why Anthony wanted to work in 🇨🇦 10:03 Differences in pharmacy practice between 🍁 and ☕️ 14:00 How a UK pharmacy degree helped Anthony get to be a pharmacy manager 15:55 How do you qualify as a registered pharmacist in Canada? 22:48 Was there an intervention that you made that made you think “Wow I really helped this patient / customer today!” 32:57 Advice for those considering to apply for a job in 🇨🇦 💥 37:42 The Jeremy Lin (i.e. the Asian American dream) discussion 🏀 46:13 Rapid fire round (for the lols 😂) #Pharmacist #Pharmacy #Community #Healthcare #Patient #Nanotechnology #Canada #Canucks #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #GeneralPractice #Hospital #Industry #Degree #Keele #JeremyLin #Linsanity #NBA #Basketball #ThePlaybook #Careers

  • Episode 3 - GP Partner x Clinical Pharmacist ...and Astroimaging?

    Episode 3 - GP Partner x Clinical Pharmacist ...and Astroimaging?

    How does a pharmacist end up in a General Practice, let alone on a 🚁 to the Isles of Scilly? In this episode, Paul discusses life as a practice pharmacist and partner down here near the South West seafront 🌊 , advice for applying to a GP pharmacy post and how he balances his busy work schedule with capturing photos of the milky way! 2:30 Paul’s journey to being a GP Partner as a pharmacist 12:32 Importance of patient rapport building in consultations 26:23 Accessibility of pharmacists in a GP practice 29:45 Cases where Paul has had a significant impact on a patient’s life 37:09 How to have a good work-life balance 38:50 Advice for pharmacists/students applying for a job in a GP practice #GeneralPractice #Hospital #Sea #Cornwall #Pharmacists #Astroimaging #Galaxies #Stars #Community #Pharmacy #Partner

  • Episode 2 - BAME In Pharmacy On Ground 0

    Episode 2 - BAME In Pharmacy On Ground 0

    Sheesh are we all talking about the same incident here? Although the #BLM movement that has taken social media by storm has slowly faded out, racism remains firmly ingrained in the hearts of many BAME individuals, including the ones in our profession and on the frontlines. On this episode, a few of my friends and I will be discussing how it has affected our practice and see how we think some parts of the issue can be tackled ✊🏿. 💥TUNE IN NOW💥 on all your favourite streaming platforms!! . . . . . Link to Michael Holding’s speech: Link to Volted Voices’ Instagram post: 2:00 Os’ account 3:57 Aron’s account 6:56 Sim’s account 13:16 Tracy’s account #PRN #Podcast #Healthcare #BLM #BAME #Pharmacist #ProvisionalRegistered #Qualified #Pharmacy #Healthcare

  • Episode 1 - ITU x Pharmacist (ft. COVID-19)


    Episode 1 - ITU x Pharmacist (ft. COVID-19)


    Ever wondered how a pharmacist saves lives in an Intensive Therapy Unit? Tune in to this episode of the #PRNPod to hear from the lead ITU pharmacist at Treliske hospital about her daily work, how the pandemic has affected her practice and me (Steven) struggling to pronounce Truro instead of churro (any churro donations welcome)! Don't miss out! #PRN_with_Steven