Episode 3 - GP Partner x Clinical Pharmacist ...and Astroimaging?

The PRN Pod by Steven Cho

Episode notes

How does a pharmacist end up in a General Practice, let alone on a 🚁 to the Isles of Scilly?

In this episode, Paul discusses life as a practice pharmacist and partner down here near the South West seafront 🌊 , advice for applying to a GP pharmacy post and how he balances his busy work schedule with capturing photos of the milky way!

2:30 Paul’s journey to being a GP Partner as a pharmacist

12:32 Importance of patient rapport building in consultations

26:23 Accessibility of pharmacists in a GP practice

29:45 Cases where Paul has had a significant impact on a patient’s life

37:09 How to have a good work-life balance

38:50 Advice for pharmacists/students applying for a job in a GP practice

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