Episode 5 - Exam!!!

The PRN Pod by Steven Cho

Episode notes

We’re back! This episode is split into two parts.

In part one, I'm going to share some last-minute exam hints and tips for the pre-regs taking the exam in the next two weeks.

Part two is aimed at newly graduated pharmacy students who are going to start their pre-reg year in the next month or two, as I discuss how I planned my pre-reg year and the resources I used for my revision!

Best of luck everyone, and I wish to see all of your names on the register in the near future!

Part 1:

02:33 - What did I find the most difficult in the exam and how did I overcome them?

04:00 - Questions that you didn’t expect / never even expected

04:46 - 50/50s

05:47 - Long questions?

06:30 - I’ve skipped so many questions and am panicking right now what do I do?

07:37 - What did ... 

 ...  Read more