Farm/Home Build Series: Designing our Aircrete Dome Home - why we chose aircrete, how we found out about it, the design process, dome sweet dome

The PanaFamilia Podcast by Eduardo & Nicole Trujillo

Episode notes

This Friday's episode we're talking about designing our new home to be built on our farm here in Panama - which will be an aircrete dome home. We talk about how we came across aircrete and dome building; what kind of building material aircrete is; why we chose to use this alternative building method -pros and cons; how Nicole got Eddie on board with it- ha. We talk about finding our designer and builder; what the design process has been like; and when we hope to start building!

We're very excited to get started on creating a beautiful, healthy, safe dwelling for our family to live, sleep, be nourished, spend time together in, and host friends/family.

Check out these links for more info on domes and aircrete:

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