Panel Discussion: What Did We Learn? What's Next?

Theology Lab by Scott Rice

Episode notes

After a series of discussions with several high profile figures from both within and outside of evangelicalism, we are led to ask, "So what?" How have these discussions shaped us? What new questions do they raise? And what hope do we have for individuals and faith communities who have been shaped by evangelicalism? In this final segment of the American Evangelicalism Theology Lab, panelists Meghan DeJong (Highrock Church), Kristin Lee (contributing author at outlets like Christianity Today and Sojourners), Walter Kim (National Association of Evangelicals) and John Mury (Highrock Church) take up these questions and more. The discussion not only provides insights into this year's conversations but models the kind of dialogue across differences that we hope might characterize the church (evangelical and otherwise) more and more. (Discussion moderato ... 

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