The Time To 10x Our Life Purpose Has Come (Season 2 Finale | Ep 50 Milestone)

The Podcast by Hemma Allmann and Gabriel Serra

Episode notes

Today's podcast episode is about the season 2 finale of The Podcast because the time to 10x our life purpose has come.

10x-ing Your Life Purpose Is About Letting Go

10x-ing your life purpose is about letting go.

It doesn't matter if it's a job, a business, or a lifestyle you built for yourself: if you're unhappy or unsatisfied with it, let go and be 100% committed to your life's purpose.

You might be holding on to the familiar (habits, patterns, beliefs, etc.), but until you let go of what's no longer serving you, you'll always be in a 2x state of living.

10x is about doing only what's in your zone of genius, working less, and having a team of passionate people helpin ... 

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