When You Know Yourself You'll Know Your Purpose

The lifepurpose.com Podcast by Hemma Allmann and Gabriel Serra

Episode notes

Today's podcast episode is about when you know yourself, you'll know your purpose.

When you know yourself, you'll know your purpose in life. To know yourself, you must become aware of who you are and the meaning of your life.

Your Life's Purpose Is An Extension Of Your Authentic Self

Your purpose is an extension of your authentic self. However, to truly understand and embrace your authentic self, self-awareness is crucial. Knowing various key aspects of yourself through introspection and self-discovery connects you deeper to your life's purpose.

Your Life Purpose Evolves When You Know More About Yourself

As you know more about yourself, your purpose will evolve.

The more self-aware you become, the more you deepen your understanding of yourself—you ... 

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