Discovering Wholeness For Your Life's Purpose

The Podcast by Hemma Allmann and Gabriel Serra

Episode notes

Today's podcast episode is about discovering wholeness for your life's purpose

Discovering your wholeness is a BIG part of finding and living your life's purpose because, from a place of wholeness, you're not seeking validation or other external assurance of your BIGNESS: you own and express who you truly are.

What Is 'Wholeness'?

There's an innate completeness within each of us and when you remember this truth for yourself, it'll free you from being needy and help you focus on being content. When you're free of neediness, living from that place of consciousness will allow you to express your life's purpose without needing anyone's approval or validation since you're being true to yourself and knowing your purpose is enough.

Lack Of Wholeness Disconnects You From Your Purpose

The out ... 

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