Ascending From Your Shadows To Your Life's Purpose

The Podcast by Hemma Allmann and Gabriel Serra

Episode notes

Today's podcast episode is about ascending from your shadows to your life's purpose.

To ascend from your shadows to your life's purpose, you must successfully integrate the aspects of yourself that you've repressed because that will be the key 🔑 to assisting you in becoming the BIG ONE you were destined to be and fulfilling your special mission.

Your Shadow Wants You To Fulfill Your Purpose

Our shadows serve as gatekeepers to our true potential and are the key to helping us fulfill our life's purpose. Understanding and embracing our shadows is not only about accepting ourselves but is also a BIG step toward fulfilling what we came here to do.

A BIG step each of us can take today is to do our shadow work and integrate our golden shadow so that we may fulfill our purpose to the greatest capacity that we're  ... 

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