What 2023 Taught Us About Our Life Purpose (Taking Our Annual Break)

The lifepurpose.com Podcast by Hemma Allmann and Gabriel Serra

Episode notes

Today's podcast episode is about what 2023 taught us about our life purpose.

There are a few things 2023 taught us about our life purpose: personal power, mindset, rest, balance, focus, holy work and so much more. While I can't list everything living our purpose taught Hemma and me this year, I've narrowed down the essential wisdom I squeezed out of this year so I could share it with you. Hoping this helps you find, live, and unleash YOUR life purpose in 2024 and beyond.

Take Breaks When You Feel Burned Out So You Can Come Back To Your Life Purpose Refreshed

Every December 21st is like the end of the season for us to live our life purpose. From December 21 - January 21 of the new year, we take a break to rest, reflect, process, plan, integrate, and get ready to do it all over again.

It's a time for reflect ... 

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