The SHE Word EP8 - Women and Menopause

The SHE Word - The Interviewer by Trudy Kerr

Episode notes

The conversations women rarely have, but really should.

In Episode 8 of The SHE Word we tackle a topic that will affect every single woman in one way or other - the menopause.

Moira Delia, Mariella Dimech and Corrine Muscat join Trudy to blow wide open the subject and share their own personal journeys as well as offer some great advice. The show is honest, open and also takes a humourous look at 'The Change'. Many thanks to Moira Delia, personality, television presenter, animal campaigner and openly speaks out about menopause, Mariella Dimech television presenter, psychologist and therapist and Corrine Muscat - radio DJ, Presenter, voice over artist.