Rethinking Our Work to Create a Thriving Workplace

The Intersection Podcast by Source Wellness

Episode notes

Join Source Wellness and Mindy Honcoop for a conversation on creating healing cultures within workplaces. Mindy Honcoop guides leaders in helping to rethink, and we look forward to an engaging conversation about how we can rethink DEI, mindfulness, and wellbeing to create long-lasting change.

During the conversation, we'll be discussing the following points:- What are you seeing as trends in rethinking the future of work?

-What are you seeing currently for DEI and Wellbeing in the workplace?

-How is healing different from wellbeing?

-Where do you start?

-What are the key blockers for change in this space?

-Where do skills like mindfulness fit into the equation?

Mindy Honcoop has a calling for people and creating healing workplace ecosystems. Mindy has spent 20 years as a People Leader and HR advisor for p ... 

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