The Intersection Podcast

by Source Wellness

Employees face a complex variety of challenges today. To cultivate an awareness, practice, and understanding on how to flourish in this current environment, Source Wellness has created The Intersection Podcast. This podcast series explores DEIMW - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Mindfulness, and Wellness. Each of these components, which often are taught separately, strengthen each other and provide more value when taught togethe ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Rethinking Our Work to Create a Thriving Workplace

    Rethinking Our Work to Create a Thriving Workplace

    Join Source Wellness and Mindy Honcoop for a conversation on creating healing cultures within workplaces. Mindy Honcoop guides leaders in helping to rethink, and we look forward to an engaging conversation about how we can rethink DEI, mindfulness, and wellbeing to create long-lasting change. During the conversation, we'll be discussing the following points:- What are you seeing as trends in rethinking the future of work? -What are you seeing currently for DEI and Wellbeing in the workplace? -How is healing different from wellbeing? -Where do you start? -What are the key blockers for change in this space? -Where do skills like mindfulness fit into the equation? Mindy Honcoop has a calling for people and creating healing workplace ecosystems. Mindy has spent 20 years as a People Leader and HR advisor for primarily technology-focused companies. She guides organizational leaders to rethink how they work to thrive. Before her role as an HR consultant and Advisor, Mindy held a Chief People Officer role at TCP Software and HR leadership roles at Spiceworks Ziff Davis,, Blackbaud, and Expedia. Mindy is based in Austin, Texas, sits on the board for the non-profit Love Justice International, and co-founded the Austin Women in Agile meetup.

  • The Secrets that DEI Leaders Know and Practice

    The Secrets that DEI Leaders Know and Practice

    "It's not so much about being 'woke' as it is being present with the capacity to pause and ask critical questions that reveal our biases and move us in the direction of inclusion and equity that sets apart leaders that lead in DEI and those that passively go along for the ride." During this session, Anakha Coman will be discussing the following key points: -Presence and practice trumps performance and perfection. -Vulnerability and humility are essential in building partnerships across difference. -How to take action and experiment in the midst of feeling uncertain and unsure -It's an inside job first and foremost, we start close in with unwinding biases and conditioning -How to cultivate the capacity to be in discomfort, tension, volatility and regulate our strong emotions is a super power. -Imagining and visioning what is possible - we often know what we don't want, but what do we want instead? -Making sure to stay humble and ready to fumble! Anakha Coman brings her wisdom, depth and understanding of cultural and systemic behavioral change to conversations about race, gender and class. She’s worked with organizations including Amazon, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Intel, Nike, Microsoft, Eli Lilly, Issaquah School District and Zappos. Anakha has over 25 years of in-depth experience in corporate culture, organization change and teaching mindfulness to individuals, teams, leaders. Anakha holds a master’s in organizational psychology and leadership development, a master’s in divinity and a professional certificate in spirituality, health and medicine. She is a certified embodiment and mindfulness practitioner and Unpack Biases Now facilitator.What is The Intersection? Employees face a complex variety of challenges today. To cultivate an awareness, practice, and understanding on how to flourish in this current environment, Source Wellness has created "The Intersection."This webinar series explores the intersection of DEIMW - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Mindfulness, and Wellness. Each of these components, which often are taught separately, strengthen each other and provide more value when taught together. Source Wellness interviews subject matter experts whose work connects to DEIMW so that we can collectively uncover the ways that we can heal, grow, and thrive on a personal and systematic level.The Intersection supports us in our lives and at work. Three core principles outline the importance of The Intersection: 1) DEI without Mindfulness & Wellness does not give practitioners the tools & skills to confront implicit bias or combat burnout. 2) Mindfulness without DEI and Wellness can be used to make people more efficient at the expense of wellbeing and inclusivity. 3) Wellness without Mindfulness and DEI neglects a crucial component of mind-training and can be very white-centric.

  • The Importance of Curiosity for Atonement and Healing

    The Importance of Curiosity for Atonement and Healing

    In this discussion, we hosted a webinar with Pamela Fann called the importance of curiosity for atonement and healing. We learned about the connection between mindfulness and environmental justice, the link between acknowledgment of injustice and wellness, and how wellness is a vehicle for atonement and healing. Pam shared how leading with inquisitiveness and openness is essential for one’s effective DEI journey. Pamela Fann, an award winning diversity specialist and speaker, is the Founder and CEO of Integrated Solutions. Integrated Solutions is a Diversity, Inclusion, and Integration consulting company that develops frameworks to successfully and sustainably implement diversity within organizations. Integrated Solutions mission is to drive industry transformation through organization cultural competency, workforce development, caring conversations, and additional diversity advisory services. Pam is also an Owner/Principal of Impact Energy, a minority women-owned energy services company that helps organizations build strategies for their diverse spending to create economic empowerment.

  • Leadership Commitment to Wellness and Culture

    Leadership Commitment to Wellness and Culture

    In episode 2, we will have a discussion with Angela Howard to learn - "Leadership Commitment to Wellness and Culture" We will learn about Angela’s past, her influences, and how her journey has led to her current work. We’ll learn why leadership commitment is so important for creating cultures of wellness, how the values of DEIMW tie into leadership growth and organizational well-being, and how the integration of DEI into business strategies is a more effective way to effectively practice DEI within organizations. Further, we’ll hear some of the resources that have been influential to Angela and her work. Angela R. Howard is an organizational psychologist, culture strategist and social entrepreneur working to build human-centric workplaces, better leaders and thriving communities alongside growth minded leaders. Her mission is to create more human-centric workplaces that send happier and more fulfilled humans home to further enrich their communities and society. Through impactful micro progressions, and a data-backed, psychologically informed approach, her company, Angela R. Howard Consulting works with organizational leaders to diagnose symptoms of harmful culture, challenge objectivity in the face of hard truths, and facilitate meaningful changes in organizations through operationalizing culture-building.Before starting her company, Angela served in leadership level Talent Management, Employee Experience, Organizational Development and executive Chief People Officer (CHRO) roles at a variety of organizations ranging from 120 employees to 300,000 – including Beam Suntory, Rotary International, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Kaiser Permanente and Dober. Her culture, employee experience and transformational impact has touched more than 500,000 employees. Angela lives in the Chicagoland area and received her Master’s degree from Elmhurst University in Industrial/Organizational psychology.

  • What is DEIMW?

    What is DEIMW?

    In episode 1, we will have a discussion with Nasya Smith to learn - "What is DEIMW?" Together, we will engage in a short practice. Then, we will learn about Nasya's past and how it has influenced her current work. Listeners will also discover how DEI, Mindfulness, and Wellness support each other and how this integrated approach provides value to our personal and systemic growth. Nasya is a Mental Health Counselor with counseling experience across various settings; in educational institutions, primary care practices, psychiatric hospitals and correctional facilities. She holds a broad range of clinical interests, which include: mindfulness, shame reduction, self-esteem/self-compassion, socio-cultural-political context and mental health, destigmatization of mental health in BIPOC communities, spiritual identity exploration, racial trauma, and stress management.