The Secrets that DEI Leaders Know and Practice

The Intersection Podcast by Source Wellness

Episode notes

"It's not so much about being 'woke' as it is being present with the capacity to pause and ask critical questions that reveal our biases and move us in the direction of inclusion and equity that sets apart leaders that lead in DEI and those that passively go along for the ride."

During this session, Anakha Coman will be discussing the following key points:

-Presence and practice trumps performance and perfection.

-Vulnerability and humility are essential in building partnerships across difference.

-How to take action and experiment in the midst of feeling uncertain and unsure

-It's an inside job first and foremost, we start close in with unwinding biases and conditioning

-How to cultivate the capacity to be in discomfort, tension, volatility and regulate our strong emotions is a super power.

-Imagining an ... 

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