What is DEIMW?

The Intersection Podcast by Source Wellness

Episode notes

In episode 1, we will have a discussion with Nasya Smith to learn - "What is DEIMW?" Together, we will engage in a short practice. Then, we will learn about Nasya's past and how it has influenced her current work. Listeners will also discover how DEI, Mindfulness, and Wellness support each other and how this integrated approach provides value to our personal and systemic growth.

Nasya is a Mental Health Counselor with counseling experience across various settings; in educational institutions, primary care practices, psychiatric hospitals and correctional facilities. She holds a broad range of clinical interests, which include: mindfulness, shame reduction, self-esteem/self-compassion, socio-cultural-political context and mental health, destigmatization of mental health in BIPOC communities, spiritual identity exploration, racial trauma, and ... 

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