Building MVPs with Decodifi's Commercial Director, George Thwaytes

The Innovation Conversation by Harry McDonough & Ricardo Pascual

Episode notes

Join the Innovation Conversation as we embark on a thrilling episode with George Thwaytes, the Commercial Director of Decodifi! 🌐

💡 In our conversation, we explore the dynamic world of no-code development and the mission that drives Decodifi: Empowering startups and companies to effortlessly launch their MVPs and digital products. George shares insights on navigating tech challenges, emphasising the importance of efficiency.

🚀 Highlights of our Conversation:

Decodifi's Mission: Empowering startups and companies with the prowess of no-code development.

Navigating Tech Challenges: George delves into the pitfalls of the tech maze, emphasizing the importance of efficiency.

MVP Pilots for Informed Decisions: Learn how MVP Pilots provide real data for founders and investors to make well-informed decisions.

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