The Innovation Conversation

by Harry McDonough & Ricardo Pascual

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship? Join us, a group of passionate professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in driving change and fostering innovation, as we bring you inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are breaking boundaries and reshaping industries.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Chris Sayer

    Chris Sayer

    Chris Sayer shares his experience as a founder and investor, discussing his journey from startup to exit and offering insights into the key lessons he learned along the way. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision, surrounding yourself with talented individuals, and understanding the market opportunity. Chris also provides advice on finding the right talent and approaching investors. He highlights two of the companies he is currently involved with: HiBooks, an AI-enabled online accounting software, and Kapeta, a platform that leverages AI and automation to streamline software development. 00:00Introduction and Background 03:02From Investor to Founder: The Story of 08:39Lessons Learned from the Journey 14:13Low Points and Overcoming Challenges 18:37Investing in People and Assessing Opportunities 21:21The Current Startup Market 23:33Post-Exit and Current Ventures 27:37Approaching Investors and Finding Talent 31:13HiBooks: AI-Enabled Accounting Software 33:48Kapeta: Streamlining Software Development

  • Stefano Calvetti

    Stefano Calvetti

    In this episode of the Innovation Conversation, we are thrilled to welcome Stefano Calvetti, a distinguished leader with over 30 years of experience in the military, intelligence, and IT fields. Stefano has successfully led and advised teams, projects, and organizations across various levels and regions, from tactical to strategic. With advanced skills and credentials in cybersecurity, intelligence, and coaching, Stefano is adept at helping leaders navigate the complex and dynamic challenges of the digital age. As a certified professional co-active coach and an International Coaching Federation member, he offers evidence-based and holistic coaching approaches that empower clients to enhance their self-confidence, influence, and positive impact. Stefano is also the host of the podcast When Leaders Talk, where he interviews leaders from diverse backgrounds and sectors, sharing their valuable insights and stories. Additionally, he co-founded, a pioneering company leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to foster deeper human understanding and societal growth. Join us as we delve into Stefano's vast experience and innovative approaches to leadership development and social impact, and learn how his strategic vision and coaching solutions are shaping the future. Don't miss this insightful conversation on the Innovation Conversation!

  • Tomas Batak -

    Tomas Batak -

    Tomas Blacjak from shares the journey of the company and the challenges they faced in transforming their business model. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's health and finding a balance amidst the stress of running a startup. He also highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with a supportive circle of people and the need to remove toxic individuals from the team. The future plans for r include scaling up their user base, expanding to the US market, and implementing AI agents for automated sales processes. Takeaways Take care of your health and find a balance to manage stress in the startup journey. Surround yourself with a supportive circle of people and remove toxic individuals from the team. Invest in sleep and avoid shortcuts that may lead to burnout. Find activities outside of work that bring you joy and maintain a positive mindset. Plan for scaling up, expanding to new markets, and implementing AI for automated sales processes. Chapters 00:00Introduction and Company Background 08:05Dealing with Stress and Maintaining Balance 13:01Building a Supportive Team and Removing Toxicity 21:05Lessons Learned and Personal Well-being 27:53Future Plans for

  • Roman Zomko

    Roman Zomko

    Roman Zomko, founder and CEO of, shares his journey of starting and growing his software innovation company. He discusses how he got started in the tech industry, the challenges he faced in the early years, and the importance of shared values and teamwork. Roman also talks about the impact of COVID-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine on his company and how they managed to adapt and continue delivering results. He highlights the resilience and innovation of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem and introduces their new AI product, AssistMe AI, which automates workflows in customer support companies. Takeaways Shared values and teamwork are crucial for building a strong company culture. Starting a new business is challenging, but perseverance and dedication are key. Adapting to unexpected challenges, such as COVID-19 and war, requires resilience and quick decision-making. The Ukrainian startup ecosystem is thriving despite difficult circumstances. AssistMe AI, a new AI product by, automates workflows in customer support companies. Chapters 00:00Introduction and Background 07:27Challenges of Starting a New Business 15:16Impact of COVID-19 and the War in Ukraine 37:18The Ukrainian Startup Ecosystem and the Future

  • Trevor Koverko

    Trevor Koverko

    Summary In this episode of the Innovation Conversation, Trevor Koverko, the founder and CEO of, discusses his journey in the world of Web3 and the challenges and opportunities of launching a company in the blockchain ecosystem. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the differences and nuances of building a Web3 startup compared to a traditional venture-backed startup. Trevor also shares insights on fundraising in the crypto space and the potential of AI in the Web3 industry. He highlights the need for human input in AI data sets and the role of data labeling in improving the performance of AI models. Takeaways Launching a Web3 startup requires understanding the differences and nuances compared to traditional venture-backed startups. Fundraising in the crypto space is different and there are unique challenges and opportunities. Human input is crucial in AI data sets, and data labeling plays a significant role in improving AI model performance. Building a global team requires careful hiring, effective communication, and fostering a strong company culture. Being a founder requires resilience, perseverance, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 09:42 Sapien and the Role of Humans in AI 23:11 The Importance of Location 27:17 Building a Global Team 37:41 The Magic Wand