The Innovation Conversation

by Harry McDonough & Ricardo Pascual

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship? Join us, a group of passionate professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in driving change and fostering innovation, as we bring you inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are breaking boundaries and reshaping industries.

In these podcast series, we go behind the scenes and provide you with exclusive access to the minds of these ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Building MVPs with Decodifi's Commercial Director, George Thwaytes

    Building MVPs with Decodifi's Commercial Director, George Thwaytes

    Join the Innovation Conversation as we embark on a thrilling episode with George Thwaytes, the Commercial Director of Decodifi! 🌐💡 In our conversation, we explore the dynamic world of no-code development and the mission that drives Decodifi: Empowering startups and companies to effortlessly launch their MVPs and digital products. George shares insights on navigating tech challenges, emphasising the importance of efficiency.🚀 Highlights of our Conversation:Decodifi's Mission: Empowering startups and companies with the prowess of no-code development.Navigating Tech Challenges: George delves into the pitfalls of the tech maze, emphasizing the importance of efficiency.MVP Pilots for Informed Decisions: Learn how MVP Pilots provide real data for founders and investors to make well-informed decisions.Sharing Wisdom and Support: George shares valuable insights from his entrepreneurial journey, turning mistakes into powerful lessons. As he transitions into angel investment, he's dedicated to providing ongoing support to fellow founders.Decodifi's Success Stories: Discover three recent MVPs developed by Decodifi, successfully raising between £150K-300K.🎧 Tune in to the full podcast episode for a deeper understanding of building successful MVPs with George Thwaytes and Decodifi! 💼💡#InnovationConversation #Decodifi #StartupMVP #NoCodeDevelopment #EntrepreneurialJourney #PodcastHighlight 🌐

  • Revolutionising Product Matching: Thomas J Vosper, the visionary CEO & Founder of Aisle 3

    Revolutionising Product Matching: Thomas J Vosper, the visionary CEO & Founder of Aisle 3

    👟 Thomas takes us behind the scenes of his ingenious AI & Cloud Basket® business cleverly nestled within the facade of a sneaker site. As the founder of Start Up Lounge, he shares invaluable insights gained from his entrepreneurial journey.📌 Key Insights Discussed Today:💡 Revolutionizing Product Matching: Discover how Thomas and his stellar team of Deep Tech and AI experts are reshaping the game by redefining product matching—eliminating the need for traditional barcodes.🌐 Pioneering Embedded Finance: Dive into the details of Aisle 3's groundbreaking embedded finance product, creating a seamless virtual checkout that effortlessly integrates an array of unconnected retailers.💳 wAll3t® and Cashback: Learn about the digital profiles and over 23k product sign-ups, allowing users to earn cashback via the innovative wAll3t® on every purchase.📈 Social Media Triumph: Explore the success story of Aisle 3's social media strategy, boasting 33k TikTok followers, 23k product sign-ups, 780 orders, and the coveted Blue Tick Verified Profile.🍻 From Pub Crawl to Best-Selling Book: Uncover the fascinating transformation of a 16-year annual birthday pub crawl into a best-selling (#3) Amazon book—outperforming even culinary icon Jamie Oliver!🌍 CEO of a Multinational Corporation: Gain insights into Thomas's journey, becoming the CEO of a multinational corporation by 41 after founding the Indian subsidiary of Aisle 3 in 2021.💰 Successful Fundraising: Delve into the details of raising over $1.5 million from international VC's, family offices, and esteemed Angel Investors.Don't miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from Thomas's entrepreneurial experiences and innovative achievements. Tune in today for a dose of inspiration! 🎧 #InnovationChat #StartupSuccess #AIandCloud #EntrepreneurInsights 🚀

  • 🎙️✨ Diving into Innovation with Thali Lotus, CEO of CAYA Audio! 🚀

    🎙️✨ Diving into Innovation with Thali Lotus, CEO of CAYA Audio! 🚀

    In our latest Innovation Conversation Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting the visionary Thali Lotus to discuss her incredible journey and mission behind CAYA Audio! 🎧🌈🎤 What is CAYA Audio, you ask? Thali's ambition to reshape the consumer-producer ratio led to the birth of CAYA, with the groundbreaking CAYA X3E Creators microphone taking the spotlight. Launching in 2022, this high-spec microphone is aiming to unmute the world and amplify the voices of the future.🌍 From musicians at home or live on stage to educators delivering keynote speeches and hobbyists recording podcasts, the CAYA X3E offers versatility in both MEMS & Electret, cable, and Bluetooth. Notably, it's the first microphone created by a Black British Female, marking a historic milestone in the audio industry. 🎤👏🎶 Thali Lotus delves into the intricacies of the music industry, shedding light on her experiences and insights. We explore how collaborations with universities and organisations like Goldsmith University, and Innovate UK, have played a crucial role in validating her revolutionary ideas.💡 The episode unfolds the role of crowdfunding in shaping Thali's journey, emphasising the power of a supportive audience and meaningful connections. It's a testament to the importance of community backing your vision.Join the Innovation Conversation! 🌐✨ #InnovationConversation #CAYAAudio #ThaliLotus #PodcastInterview #AudioInnovation #EmpowerThroughSound #DiversityInTech

  • Jamr.AI, a groundbreaking AI company that is changing the game in content creation. 🤖

    Jamr.AI, a groundbreaking AI company that is changing the game in content creation. 🤖

    Welcome to the latest episode of the Innovation Conversation podcast! 🎙️ In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Alessio R., the Co-Founder and CTO of Jamr.AI, a groundbreaking AI company that is changing the game in content creation. 🤖Jamr.AI, the brainchild of forward-thinkers James Maloney and Alessio Ricco, burst onto the scene in 2023. The name 'JAMR' not only stands for their initials but embodies their shared commitment to excellence and innovation. 🌟Inspired by their remarkable journey in the world of AI-centric companies, they envisioned Jamr.AI as an intuitive tool for all content creators. Their mission? To make seamless AI integration accessible to everyone, from individual writers to expansive enterprises. 📚💡In our fascinating conversation, we delved into several key areas:🚀 The incredible story of how Jamr is revolutionizing the content creation landscape. 🎯 The sectors Jamr.AI is targeting, and the immense opportunities they see. ⏳ How they managed to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in under 3 months and already have a growing user base. 🌐 Their innovative approach to translating content into multiple languages and how their content continuously learns and evolves. 💰 Their remarkable journey through the world of fundraising.Don't miss this insightful episode where we uncover the incredible journey of Jamr.AI and the boundless possibilities of AI in content creation. 🎧🚀 Join us for an engaging discussion on #InnovationConversation, exploring the intersection of AI, Content Creation, and the remarkable story of Jamr.AI. #AI #ContentCreation #JamrAI #Podcast

  • Getahead, the on-demand sports psychology app

    Getahead, the on-demand sports psychology app

    We had the privilege of hosting Chris McAdam, Co-founder of Getahead, on our show, and it was nothing short of extraordinary! 🎧Getahead, the on-demand sports psychology app, is revolutionising the field. 🌟 They're dedicated to helping athletes of all levels achieve their dreams through personalized mental training programs.🧠 Their game-changing mindset routine is scientifically proven to enhance self-belief, discipline, focus, and energy. Plus, it's absolutely free to download! 💪Getahead is igniting a mindset movement that calls for treating mental health with the same care as physical health. The current system falls short of optimizing performance, and Getahead presents a fresh perspective on sports and exercise. 🏋️‍♂️🧘‍♀️🌐 Learn more at 🏋️‍♀️ Industry: Wellness and Fitness ServicesIn our engaging conversation, we dived deep into how mindsets mold us and the urgent need for a routine that bolsters both mental and physical fitness. This need inspired the creation of Getahead. 💡🌟 Getahead's Vision: 🌠 Their mission is to empower individuals at any stage of their self-improvement journey to unlock their full potential. Traditionally, mental skills training was reserved for elite athletes, but Getahead's training ground is open to everyone.🔥 Their Shared Challenge: By challenging conventional norms, Getahead is transforming the dialogue surrounding mental approaches to physical training. They're proactively addressing a reactive subject, enriching lives beyond workouts.📈 Getahead has achieved remarkable progress, bootstrapping their way to success. Now, they're actively seeking investors to join them on this remarkable journey. 💼