🎙️✨ Diving into Innovation with Thali Lotus, CEO of CAYA Audio! 🚀

The Innovation Conversation by Harry McDonough & Ricardo Pascual

Episode notes

In our latest Innovation Conversation Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting the visionary Thali Lotus to discuss her incredible journey and mission behind CAYA Audio! 🎧🌈

🎤 What is CAYA Audio, you ask? Thali's ambition to reshape the consumer-producer ratio led to the birth of CAYA, with the groundbreaking CAYA X3E Creators microphone taking the spotlight. Launching in 2022, this high-spec microphone is aiming to unmute the world and amplify the voices of the future.

🌍 From musicians at home or live on stage to educators delivering keynote speeches and hobbyists recording podcasts, the CAYA X3E offers versatility in both MEMS & Electret, cable, and Bluetooth. Notably, it's the first microphone created by a Black British Female, marking a historic milestone in the audio industry. 🎤👏

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