Webinar: The importance of business change when deploying technology

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Episode notes

You launch new tech and suddenly the whole organisation is streamlined, collaborating and efficient. Employees are ecstatic and change the way they’ve been working for the last twenty years. If only!

Digital adoption is only 20% about technology. The other 80% is people and processes. So why do so many organisations miss out the importance of delivering business change?

Join Gini Holden, a culture change specialist from Ricoh.

Gini uses what she learnt and researched, to help businesses deliver transformational culture change and maximise ROI on the IT tools they give their people. If you’ve ever bought a Bag For Life, you can blame Gini for the fact you paid for it without thinking.

Humans are fascinating programmed beings. We’ve used tools since the dawn of our evolution 6.5m year ago. If you want to drive ROI on IT tool ... 

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