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Ready to kick start your digital transformation? Our change management and technology podcasts are for like-minded leaders who want the latest industry ideas. Inform podcasts are the place for good ideas if you’re carrying out change in the workplace or are looking for insight on how technology can improve how your organisation works. Ideal for hot topics like: ⭐ unlocking workplace and organisational efficiency ⭐ new ways o ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Webinar: Delivering a digital champions programme

    Webinar: Delivering a digital champions programme

    How do you get your team to successfully adopt new technology? In this episode, Natasha caught up with Sam McVaigh to discuss the positive impact a digital champions programme has had within his organisation. An effective digital champions programme can boost business transformation to support some of the challenges organisations face today. Introducing a team of champions from each department can drive Microsoft 365 adoption in an engaging and cost-effective way across your organisation. In this recorded webinar, Sam McVaigh, Director of People & Inclusion at Bury Council, shares insights into their journey through a successful Champions programme. Find out more at

  • Webinar: Wellbeing at Work. Is technology friend or foe?

    Webinar: Wellbeing at Work. Is technology friend or foe?

    For some organisations wellbeing is mostly a tick box exercise, yet they’re at risk of being left behind. Wellbeing is no longer just about doing the right thing. It also can make a difference to an organisation’s bottom line. Whether reducing the cost of absenteeism and presenteeism or ensuring your best employees don’t leave for a business where they feel better supported, it makes financial sense to invest in the wellbeing of your staff. New research says one in four UK workers would leave their job for another organisation that supported them better around stress and burnout. Yet barely half say their organisation supports them well at the moment. How clued up is your organisation about wellbeing? And is it leveraging any of the opportunities to support wellbeing through technology? Technology can make our work easier though only when we use the tools well.

  • Webinar: Leadership in agile environments

    Webinar: Leadership in agile environments

    Agile is a mindset that empowers organisations and employees, creating high performing teams. The key benefits of agile working are recognised as increased customer satisfaction, faster time to market, greater innovation and increased employee engagement.

  • Webinar: Hybrid working - Top five tips for creating a hybrid culture

    Webinar: Hybrid working - Top five tips for creating a hybrid culture

    How do your new work arrangements impact culture – the lifeblood of your organisation? You’ve probably realised a hybrid culture is more important than ever. In the hybrid workplace, you need a culture that drives mindset and behaviours to encourage your people to stay healthy, happy, productive – and aligned with your organisation’s goals. Whether your people are in the office or at home. Tools, policies, and processes just aren’t enough. To truly embrace hybrid work, you need thoughtful consideration of a hybrid culture.

  • Webinar: Top tips for hybrid working employee engagement

    Webinar: Top tips for hybrid working employee engagement

    Congratulations! You deployed the tech and launched your first hybrid working model. You now have people in the office and at home. So how do you support your people to feel connected and experience those natural, ‘water cooler’ moments? We know that strong engagement levels lead to higher productivity, better work-life balance and more closely connected colleagues. Getting those natural water cooler moments is key.