10: Are You Making Time For Self-Care?

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss how to make time for self-care. Setting yourself as a priority is a must. Every day, Rachel schedules time for herself. She moves her body, feeds her mind, and nourishes her soul. If Rachel is not at her optimal peak, then she cannot be her best self to serve her business, marriage, or friends. One suggestion is to incorporate getting up thirty minutes before you usually go into your routine. Tap into the passions that you would like to do. If you have downtime, then you can fulfill some of your needs by writing or taking a moment to breathe. For Erin, fun is her number one priority. She worked so hard for six years, her life was never fun. Then, she started traveling and barely worked hard at all. Erin learned she needs to be present where she is. If she’s with family, then think about being present with  ... 

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